Rally for Kids

The Condo Store

Dear All,

Our team is excited to be participating in the 12th annual Rally for Kids in support of the Pinball Clemons Foundation. We can change the future for children and their families in Toronto. Over the past few years, my partner, John Mehlenbacher and I have had the privilege to attend and financially contribute to this very important cause that is dear to us helping raise over $22 million dollars.

The Pinball Clemons Foundation empowers youth through education by bringing them from the margins to the mainstream. They invest in the best charities that provide both wrap-around and holistic approaches to local and international sustainability through education.

Support our team as we rally for kids and give them a hand-up instead of a hand-out please. Through your generous donations, you are making the invisible, visible…powerful, independent and strong! The ultimate goal is not a diploma or degree – we want to see youth gainfully employed in careers they desire.

Whether you decide to donate $20 or much more, feel free to do so at your convenience and help us achieve yet another Car Rally milestone as we aim to raise $1M at this years event and continue to support marginialized youth in our great city. You get a tax receipt for 100% of your donation and cut off date for all donations is Friday, October 18th at noon.

Thank you again and we appreciate your support as always.

Simon S. Mass
Chief Executive Officer


The Condo Store Inc.

Event Date: October 19, 2019 9:00 AM
Location: Toronto-Canada

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