About the Cause
The Pinball Clemons Foundation focuses on supporting the most marginalized youth, from community to career by investing in the best programs that help empower them and create self-sustainability.

Marginalized youth often feel alienated, excluded from the access and opportunities their peers readily experience. By taking youth from the margins to the mainstream we are making the invisible, visible… powerful, independent and strong! The ultimate goal is not a diploma or degree – we want to see youth gainfully employed in careers they desire.

Our Local Impact Model focuses on supporting youth from high school to career by investing in programs that can help empower them and create sustainability. There are incredible local programs that provide a wrap-around approach to the most marginalized youth with a goal of graduating from high school. But history has shown that a high school diploma does not equate to a career.

More often than not, at best, it can help obtain a job. Without accessibility and resources this demographic of youth can become invisible to most. Youth in under-served communities struggle to get to college or university as they do not have the monetary resources or family support. By removing the barriers every step of the way - our strategic funding of these programs will set them up for success.